Sarge has been fascinated with the woods since he cut his first tree down with his dad's axe at age 5.  Cutting and selling firewood gave way to other interests throughout the years but the woods have always been in his blood. 


Sarge and his crew purchased a Skid Steer with a Marshall Tree Saw to help clear 90 acres of old Pecan Orchard in 2017.  A few larger tree's gave way to storms and Sarge decided to purchase their first mill in 2018. 


Cutting and milling pecan, oak, Walnut and Red Cedar that others were going to burn.  Sarge and his crew use much of the lumber themselves but began selling to folks in 2019.  Drying lumber is a slow process the old fashioned way.


 Sarge decided it was time to invest again purchasing a Nyle Lumber kiln in December 2019.  The new Kiln has been in operation since May 2020 and has produced over 5,000 board ft every few months since then.